Friday, 10 January 2014

Room to rock

And so it begins. In fairness I've put it off for months with Birdie now able to climb out of her cot with all the expertise of a mountain goat AND make a perfect landing. The time has come. She is well ready, I am not. My baby Birdie is now moving into her very own big girl bed and lush new little toddler space. To harshening the blow somewhat I'm focusing on designing her new bedroom. And oh what gorgeous delights there are out there! Chech out that Miffy lamp by Mr.Maria. Delicious! I want her room full of crazy character just like her. I'm so loving monochrome at the moment... maybe with just a splash of sunshine yellow :) Lots of news and reviews to come as her bedroom comes together! 


  1. I love this, especially the unicorn pillow. What a gorgeous colour scheme, so simple but so much fun too!

  2. Looooove this colour combo & think I need most of the for my three bambinos! Love stumbling upon your blog!
    Melissa x