Wednesday, 15 January 2014

With great power...

...comes great responsibility. You have the power. Even though you don't know it. You have the secret powers of a Mama. The power to kiss anything better, chase away bad dreams, make yummy dinners, give warm cuddles. But with these special powers bestowed upon you the very day you became a mama, you took on a huge responsibility. It's looking at you right now. All cheeky grins and dirty mess and loving eyes. The responsibility is huge, it's overwhelming... but we do it every day. And that is why you are super. Multiply your little offspring there by two or three or even more and you are really living on the edge. Walking on the wild side. Playing with fire. You are now a daredevil superhero that really loves a challenge. 

As a Mama of many you are now more likely, statistically, to win the lotto than you are to ever have a cup of tea in peace, you are now more likely to fall out of a plane than you are to ever go to the bathroom by yourself ever again and you are also now more likely to marry Channing Tatum than you are to ever sleep the whole night ever again. Good odds if you ask me.

And so the adventure begins. One dramatic exciting eventful day at a time. Each with a new story and a new chapter. The responsibility will challenge you. The baddies will be big. The mess even bigger. But you have the power. You will be fine. You have the most important power of all. You have a secret super duper power. You have the power of LOVE... cue the song... Yep it will be stuck in your head all day now ;) 

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  1. Oh what a lovely little post. Its so easy to get caught up in the negatives of being a parent but being a Mum really is the greatest job! x