Wednesday, 15 January 2014

With great power...

...comes great responsibility. You have the power. Even though you don't know it. You have the secret powers of a Mama. The power to kiss anything better, chase away bad dreams, make yummy dinners, give warm cuddles. But with these special powers bestowed upon you the very day you became a mama, you took on a huge responsibility. It's looking at you right now. All cheeky grins and dirty mess and loving eyes. The responsibility is huge, it's overwhelming... but we do it every day. And that is why you are super. Multiply your little offspring there by two or three or even more and you are really living on the edge. Walking on the wild side. Playing with fire. You are now a daredevil superhero that really loves a challenge. 

As a Mama of many you are now more likely, statistically, to win the lotto than you are to ever have a cup of tea in peace, you are now more likely to fall out of a plane than you are to ever go to the bathroom by yourself ever again and you are also now more likely to marry Channing Tatum than you are to ever sleep the whole night ever again. Good odds if you ask me.

And so the adventure begins. One dramatic exciting eventful day at a time. Each with a new story and a new chapter. The responsibility will challenge you. The baddies will be big. The mess even bigger. But you have the power. You will be fine. You have the most important power of all. You have a secret super duper power. You have the power of LOVE... cue the song... Yep it will be stuck in your head all day now ;) 

Friday, 10 January 2014

Room to rock

And so it begins. In fairness I've put it off for months with Birdie now able to climb out of her cot with all the expertise of a mountain goat AND make a perfect landing. The time has come. She is well ready, I am not. My baby Birdie is now moving into her very own big girl bed and lush new little toddler space. To harshening the blow somewhat I'm focusing on designing her new bedroom. And oh what gorgeous delights there are out there! Chech out that Miffy lamp by Mr.Maria. Delicious! I want her room full of crazy character just like her. I'm so loving monochrome at the moment... maybe with just a splash of sunshine yellow :) Lots of news and reviews to come as her bedroom comes together! 

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Cosatto Supa Foxtrot

Ok so my secrets out. I am self confessed baby stroller obessed! I LOVE seeing new strollers come onto the market and I covet half them like crazy. I am a mama to five children so as you can imagine I've had my fair share of quite a few prams and strollers. Well in my defence I did absolutely NEED a new pram for every new baby first of all and then of course they NEED a stroller, oh and one for his car too.. just incase ;) I warned you, completely obsessed! I love all the gorgeous new designs and colours that come out every season. I'm like a pram fashion watcher. Eagerly anticipating the new designs for the coming spring/summer or autumn/winter collections ;) 

There's nobody whose lush fresh new offerings I anticipate more than Cosatto. Proud makers of baby stuff with personality. It's what they know, love and do oh so very well. I do love a bit of baby pink and baby blue but that gets very boring after a while. Cosatto live life in glorious technicolour. Not black white or negative. They believe that having a baby is a superb celebration. And baby needs a pram fit to party in. They are not plain pushchair people. At all. They build prams fit for awesome aventures. For wandering the big wide world in awe. To boldly go where no pushchair has gone before. And to do it in seriously sweet style :)

Our story begins the day our brand new funky foxy friend landed on our doorstep. All super sparkly and shiney new. The Cosatto Supa Foxtrot. For your little Supa hero. Even the packaging screamed awesome. It took our breath away as we pulled it out of the box and caught sight of those cute furry faces. Wow! We were instantly in love. Cosatto Supa is the pushchair all other pushchairs want to be when they grow up. The cleverest cutest umbrella stroller on the market. Supa is Supa-smart. With Supa smoothie features such as lockable swivel wheels and adjustable handles for Mum and Dad. And doing it all with design dazzle. 


Getting it ready to roam was easy peasy, even with Birdie helping. She was so excited to get foxy out to play. She scrambled into the seat with glee. The Cosatto Supa is supa comfy. We just had to pop the hood on, snuggle into the cosytoes and we were good to go go go!! You won't get far without someone admiring your newest addition... and your baby too ;) You are after all pushing a whole party of quirky designs, cheeky characters and pushchair patternology. Bundles of buggy fun. Breezing along with enough boldness to brighten anyone's day. And best of all to make my cosy little Birdie smile :)  

A dream to push was my first impression of the Supa. Delightfully smooth and light, even through the wilds of our bumpy park. Outfoxing the craziest of trails. The comfy cosytoes that comes with the Supa is an added delight. Birdie was toasty in her fleecy pouch complete with pockets to tuck her little handies into. The harness straps are easy to adjust and roomy enough to put on over a big winter coat. And the cute chest pads are snug enough to snooze on. Birdie is an average sized 16 month old and she fit perfectly in the seat with room to wiggle. The adjustable leg rest was great for her to curl up her toes when she was all wrapped up or to stretch out her legs when she was trying to get a better view of the passing world.

My absolutely favourite part of our foxy was how much he totally rocked. And I mean really rocked! Thanks to the multimedia gadget pocket in the hood with built in speaker. Oh yeah! Tunes to toddle too. And if that wasn't enough it has a magic gadget gazer packed into that awesome hood for watching movies on the move. Unbelievable audiovisuals! This is the funky foxy future. All in the one Supa slick package. Über cool urban design for little rockstars. And great for keeping your wild one quiet for five minutes out shopping while Mama picks out a new dress. It's the little things right? Cosatto think of everything ;) 

Our funky foxy packs some of the best buggy specs around...

Suitable from birth
The Supa lays perfectly flat for tiny brand new bubs and lined with that fleecy cosy toes is super safe and snugly 

Lightweight aluminum chassis with carry handle 
The handle was a godsend and a fantastic addition. I managed to carry this pram, a wriggling Birdie and two bags of shopping onto the bus... and not drop any of them :) 

Adjustable height handle
Super high flying handles meant that me, at a lanky 6 foot, could push it just as easily and as comfortably as my shorter itty bitty Mum :) 

Integral hood sunshade protection
Although we tested this pram during the winter, this extra shade was invaluable for an extra bit of protection during a windy day or just to give some peace and quite for a quick snooze during a shopping trip.

Cup holder 
Ever so handy for the early morning school run and much needed sup of tea!

One hand recline with 4 recline positions 
Smoothly laying a sleeping Birdie down without a peep, even on the move. Bliss

Adjustable calf support
Great to use up to rest shorter little legs or to use down to give longer toddler legs a stretch.

Free raincover
Great for strolls to splash in puddles. The cover is roomy and fits on delightfully easily and quickly should you get caught out in a shower! Folds up to fit under pram too so you can always keep it close for our delightful weather
Spacious storage basket
If you're like me and pop around to the shop for just a pint of milk and end up buying enough to eat for a week you will LOVE this brillant roomy basket. Excellent for collecting acorns, sticks and all sorts of adventure treasures. 

Free-standing feature when folded
Great for storage and unbelievable handy on a rainy day when you are chasing your wild one around and around and around the bus stop

Compact umbrella fold with auto lock
Pull and push to fold. Supa simple! Squash it down and pop, it locks itself. Brillant. Scoop it up by the handle and you're good to go. Fits easily in even the smallest boot space. Delightfully compact.

Fully removable seat unit for easy cleaning
You will never truly appreciate this feature until your delightful toddler pours an entire strawberry milkshake over their head... Whilst sitting in the pram. Yes I know. 

Lockable front swivel wheels
Swivel on for tricky treks around shopping center people traffic jams. Swivel off for roaming rambling through the park 

Multimedia gadget pocket with speaker
Best invention ever!! Birdie rocked along to her favourite tunes in supreme surround sound on the move. Love it! 

Free 4 year guarantee 
Cosatto free 4 year guarantee available for all products is light years ahead. Reflecting their ethos 'we go the extra mile so you can' this is unrivalled post-purchase customer care. 

This fabulous foxy package also comes complete with the cutest chest pads, headhugger and raincover. Not only that but this lush little number also includes the cosiest reversible 4 way fleecy Cosy Toes with snug little kangaroo pouch pockets to tuck in chilly little handies. 

Follow Birdies awesome little Supa Foxtrot adventure here :) 


Don't get in a pram pickle. Take your pick of all the Supa pushchair pram print treats available. Whether like us you are funky fox crazy, cute kitty cool or mega monster mad. There is something for everyone. And all with the softest fleecy matching cosytoes ever. I'm quite in love with their new rainbow pixelate print BRAND NEW for 2014. How do you possibly choose?? That I can't help you with. But I do know whichever one you decide to bring home it will be ready to rock your little ones world x

Sunday, 5 January 2014

10 retro movies your kids just have to watch

Having just spent an epic afternoon educating my children on the awesomeness of Back to the Future 1, 2 and 3 (I told you it was epic!) I realised that without us old skool movie fans the sheer coolness of these movies would be lost to future generations. It's our job as super cool parents to take them back through movie time and show them the cinema wonders that once were. Imagine your offspring growing up having never experienced the true magic of E.T. Shocker!! That's it, get the popcorn, ignore all the rain outside and cuddle up for a retro movie marathon :) 

1. Back To The Future

2. Star Wars

3. The Goonies

4. ET

5. Ghostbusters 

6. The Neverending Story

7. Gremlins

8. Adventures in Babysitting

9. Big

10. Ferris Bewellers Day Off

11. Karate Kid

12. Flight of the Navigator